Business Advertising Design and Custom Website Design and Management

Business Advertising Design and Custom Website Design and Management

Custom Website Design

Effective advertising campaigns and web design is extremely important in this competitive landscape.  Skyview Electronics has broadened their scope to bring onboard a professional Graphic Designer who can help with all your business design and layout needs.

Our designer has worked with many large corporations to help them with their graphic needs.  From everything from effective PowerPoint presentations, to National Magazine ads, to web graphics, e-mail layout and design and custom web sites.  We will analyze your current business advertising materials and recommend a course of action to help grow your business.

Web Design

Many companies are looking for a way to manage their websites and reach out to their customers in an easier format.  We design custom websites in a format that allows you to easily log in and create, revise, or delete content. We also integrate the ability to manage your customer comments, sales, and other needs. Let us create a customized web presence for you that turns heads and creates more traffic to your business. We can look after your web needs from beginning to end; from creating a custom website design to coding, deploying your site and managing your SEO.

Social Media

Looking for help with your social media pages?  We also design for Facebook, Google +, and other social media platforms.  We can advise you about the best ways to use these medias and how it can boost the visibility of your your web presence.

Flyer Design and Mailing

Flyers and mailers are still a great way to get the word out about what your business does.  Many people think that flyering has become inneffective, but we’ve found the opposite!  People are getting LESS junk mail, which is why a great looking mail piece will stand out even more then ever before. Bring us your flyer outline and let us create for you a professional, stand out looking piece. 
We can take chicken scratches like this:

Rough pencil sketch from customer of brochure design - Skyview electronics Graphic Design

And turn it into this:

Brochure Design by Professional Graphic Designer, Skyview electronics
Graphic Design - Flyer Design in Brooklin, Ontario

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Looking for Business Growth?

Business owners often don’t have time to sit down to analyze and learn everything they need to know about advertising, whether it be a website, flyer, magazine or newspaper advertising. How do you get customers to notice you? What will make you stand out above your competition? What is SEO and how will it help customers find your website? When will I find the time to learn all this and implement it??!! Advertising takes a lot of time that business owners just don’t have. Let us help you come up with an advertising plan that works. We can help you with website creation and optimization, social media, and print advertising.