We’re celebrating our 30th year of service in Durham Region!  Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have supported us for all these years.

We've always been a great place for customers to shop for computers and electronic devices in a non pressure atmosphere, concentrating on helping our customers get the best solution to meet their needs. We offer a wide variety of Acer Laptop / Notebook / Tablet computers, as well as Dell, Gateway and Lenovo. We have great used laptops starting from $199 and new laptops from $299.

Our computer repair is second to none, come in to talk to Andrew about making your computer faster, or repair of any problem!  Most common repairs like virus removal or laptop screen repair are done onsite in our Brooklin location. We also make house calls if you need your computer repaired in your home or office. If your laptop repair requires delicate specialty work, we have partners that do board level repairs considerably cheaper then sending it back to the manufacturer. If you need important data to be recovered even from almost dead computers we have a very high suceess rate. Just about any kind of computer service you need we can help.. 

Affordable Camera Security Systems

If you're looking for a security system for your home or office, come in and talk to Rod.  He can give you some affordable options to help keep you, your people and your property safe. Our installers are discreet, and will help get your system up and running quickly. We also can repair many makes and models of security systems.  If you're looking for hidden, covert options, perhaps to catch a thief or abuse within the home, we also have hidden security camera options to help you capture the evidence you need for prosecution.


Kick your Cable Bill, but Keep the TV!

If you're looking to lower your monthly bills, then have a look at our HDTV Antennas.  You can receive many TV channels in digital high definition for free with a modern day TV Antenna!  This is nothing like the old TV Antennas! Digital channels come through in stunningly clear High Definition, and we have compact sized low profile antenna options so that you don't have a giant metal monster antenna on your roof.  Depending on where you are located you could receive over 25 channels, including US stations like ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS,Fox ETC. Many companies only sell HDTV Antennas and don't install, but not only do we install HDTV Antennas, but we can also repair or service your old TV Antenna.  Our antenna Installers have years of repair and installation service.

Still want your specialty channels but tired of the huge monthly bills? We have a better option for you! IP TV is lower cost TV provided through our Internet Provider. Not all Internet providers are able to give you this exclusive service! Get all your basic local channels plus the specialty channels you love! You'll get over 100 channels for only $49.95 monthly!

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Rural Internet and Home & Business Networking

If you're finding your hub or stick rural internet bill is too expensive, talk to us about Xplornet Rural High Speed Internet Service.  With Xplornet we can install either 4G Wireless internet  (to a tower) or 4G Satellite Internet in hard to reach areas. We are an authorized dealer, installer and repair center for Xplornet Rural Internet service.

We also install home or office networking, so that you can get your internet signal wired or wireless anywhere in your home or office, or even beam it out to another building.  If you're having trouble with your network, we provide on-site troubleshooting services to repair your network. If you're having trouble receiving a useable cell phone signal in many areas, we can virtually eliminate cell phone dead spots with our cell phone signal boosters.  Cell phone signal boosters consist of an outdoor antenna that connects to the nearest cell phone tower and an indoor booster that amplifies and distributes the signal within your building.

Are you tired of paying too much for your services? Sick of renegotiating every few months?  Longing to be valued as a customer?

Get unlimited Internet for less, available by DSL, Fiber or Cable. Contact our internet experts to help you select the right package, such as our most popular cable Unlimited Home Internet package (30Mbps download) for only $51.95! It bundles perfectly with the 100 channel IP TV and Home Phone for $111/month for all 3 services.  Sounding too good to be true? It's not! These prices are the regular monthly prices and only subject to minor changes over time. We like it so much we use it ourselves.

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Home Phone Minus Long Distance Fees!!

Need a home phone, but tired of paying too much? IP phone are a great way to keep your home phone number but dump the huge bill. The IP phone package includes free North American long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling and more, for only $8.95/monthly!

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Website Design

If you're looking to either update the look of your company, or get your company on the internet we can help.  Don't struggle with a free service!  Our designer will evaluate your business and come up with a site design tailored exactly to what you need.  We take into consideration all the current SEO rules and social media avenues that you might need to employ to help get your site found on search engines.  We can help make sure that your site is optimized for what people are looking for, and even help re-brand you if you need to change your look to help entice new customers.  Our web designer has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, web design, branding, and advertising.  We can assess your website and advertising needs for free. Call for an appointment today!

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